Encouraging Speaker Diversity

EBRC encourages organizers of scientific meetings, scientific review panels, and university symposia/lecture series to have a balanced representation of women and men. We and others are increasingly aware that a balanced gender representation at the podium or in the review process makes for a better and more interesting outcome. With inspiration from the Women in Cell Biology program of ASCB, EBRC has its own program to help organizers, early in meeting planning stages, to receive a list of outstanding women in relevant field(s), women whom they can then consider as invitees and reviewers.

In addition, we offer some sample language that you can send to conference or symposia organizers to encourage a balanced representation of women in their activities.

Is your conference woman-friendly? The resources below offer specific actions that conference organizers can take to make their events more inclusive (e.g, ensure women's restrooms are accessible, offer child care, offer travel funds to women/URM speakers, discourage an inappropriately sexualized environment):

Here are some additional articles, references, and resources relating to diverse representation in the sciences:

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