Joining EBRC

As an EBRC industry member, you receive:

A leadership role in engineering biology

EBRC members will play a leadership role in defining future research directions and garnering funding support for such research. Members are encouraged to join our road-mapping and vision-setting activities, and have a voice in establishing the field’s R&D directions.

Early access to tools & technology

EBRC industry partners gain advanced access to the foundational tools and technologies developed by EBRC researchers. Members can evaluate and license tools that advance their needs.

Greater opportunity to move research from bench to market

On challenges that matter to industry, members will have the opportunity to partner with leading academic researchers to advance relevant research and development needs. Also, EBRC will collaborate with small businesses to develop proposals to obtain federal funding (SBIRs, STTRs).

Access to a leading talent pool

EBRC’s students and postdocs are among the most talented in the world, more than half of whom pursue careers in industry. As an EBRC partner, you will have the opportunity to get to know these exceptional future employees and build relationships with them at EBRC retreats. Members can help shape and participate in training programs to develop a high-quality, diverse workforce.

Access to responsible innovation

EBRC academic and industrial researchers believe that engineering biology will play an increasingly important role in people's lives. That's why EBRC members are eager to work together to ensure the responsible advancement of engineering biology and a proactive approach to ethics, safety, and security. Informed by exceptional science and engineering, EBRC can help articulate and promote these best policies and practices.

A voice for engagement

EBRC industry brochure

EBRC speaks as an independent, credible scientific voice in matters of public policy, research funding, and presenting engineering biology to the public. Together, we can best articulate the national needs of the research community to federal agencies and public stakeholders.

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