Public and policy engagement

Engaging public stakeholders about synthetic biology at LHOSA part of EBRC’s mission will be to develop useful public engagement activities and tools for its academic and industrial members. EBRC seeks to create a cadre of practitioners with the tools and knowledge to authentically engage with public stakeholders about the broad impacts of engineering biology. We will engage the general public through social media, science cafes, science museums and centers, public talks, op/eds, and so on. We will engage policymakers through federal testimony, white papers, and advisory roles in various agencies and commissions. The ability for researchers to clearly communicate their work is an important component of engagement, but just as important is an improved ability to actively listen to public views and incorporate those views into research agendas that lead us toward a publicly shared vision of the future.

Are you interested in learning more about public engagement on synthetic biology? Please contact Kevin Costa at We also recommend the AAAS discussion on public engagement (registration required).

Past engagement activities: Please visit to browse some prior public engagement activities of our predecessor organization.

To learn more about synthetic biology and engineering biology, please visit our What is Synthetic Biology? page or our collection of synthetic biology reports.

Resources for synthetic biology communication and engagement