Linda Chrisey

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Program Officer
U.S. Office of Naval Research
Arlington, VA
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This Office of Naval Research program aims to extend the natural capabilities of living organisms such as viruses, microbes, algae and plants using synthetic biology to create systems that will provide new naval capabilities. Among the objectives of the program are: (1) the development of ‘sense and respond’ robust sentinel organisms that are able to communicate with non-living autonomous devices such as robots; (2) improving tools needed to advance the field such as new sensor circuits with optical/magnetic/electrical input/output capabilities; novel information processing circuits; rapid screening of circuits in vitro and in cells; and, an expanded toolkit of orthogonal, validated genetic regulatory elements; and (3) understanding the mechanisms that enable electrobiosynthesis of organic compounds using electrical current as an e-donor and CO2 as a carbon source – a potentially valuable approach for bio-production in resource-limited settings.