Principles of Confidentiality

(adopted from Gordon Conference Guidelines)

To encourage open communication, each EBRC Academic Member acknowledges and agrees to the following guidelines when becoming an EBRC member and as a condition of attending an EBRC retreat:

  • EBRC members agree that any information presented at an EBRC meeting, whether in a presentation, poster session, or discussion, is a private communication from the individual making the contribution and is presented with the restriction that such information is not for public use. 
  • Any guests must receive explicit permission to attend private sessions at EBRC events. 
  • The recording of talks, slides, posters, or discussions during EBRC private sessions by any means is prohibited. 
  • In exception to above, and in order to generate excitement about EBRC programs among a broader community, members may Tweet or use social media during meetings in very general terms. If you choose to do so, please use discretion and common sense about what you communicate. Whenever possible, get permission when communicating about others’ work. Use social media about others as you would wish to be treated (e.g., no pictures of speakers or data slides)
  • Although EBRC will take reasonable steps to enforce the principles above, each member of EBRC assumes sole responsibility for the protection and preservation of any intellectual property rights in their contributions to a retreat.