The Engineering Biology Research Consortium, or EBRC, aims to be the leading organization bringing together an inclusive community committed to advancing biological engineering to address national and global needs. It is comprised of academic members from over two dozen U.S. universities and biotechnology firms ranging from start-ups to multinational conglomorate companies.

The EBRC will broaden this network to ensure that the EBRC reflects and speaks for the broader community. This will include academic and industrial researchers from a range of biotechnology sectors, social scientists, educators, government agencies, and community stakeholders. EBRC will establish itself as the “go to” organization for any person, agency or institution seeking input or focused attention from the engineering biology community. 

Through our retreats and workshops, EBRC showcases cutting-edge research in engineering biology, identifies pressing challenges and opportunities, and articulates compelling research visions and programs to address them. A key feature of EBRC is its vision- and goal-setting program. It is our hope that ideas generated through EBRC activities will be transformed into funded programs at federal and state agencies, foundations, and other institutions. 

The development of next-generation leaders in synthetic biology is crucial, EBRC students and postdocs are an important part of our consortium. EBRC will provide a fertile training ground and network, and promote best best practices for responsible innovation among the next generation of leaders in the synthetic biology community. EBRC will promote dialogue to create unified, shared visions to realize the very best potential of this fast-evolving field.

EBRC is a non-profit, public benefit organization incorporated in Emeryville, California, USA.

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