EBRC is dedicated to responding to the needs of the world by purposefully guiding the advancement of engineering biology.

The Engineering Biology Research Consortium, or EBRC, aims to be the leading organization bringing together an inclusive community committed to advancing biological engineering to address national and global needs. We showcase cutting-edge research in engineering biology, identify pressing challenges and opportunities, and articulate compelling research roadmaps and programs to address them. We promote dialogue to create unified, shared visions to realize the very best potential of this fast-evolving field.

EBRC innovation ecosystem

EBRC will sustain the traditions and work of Synberc by broadening our membership and strategic aims.

EBRC was born from Synberc, the Synthetic Biology Engineering Research Center, a ten-year NSF-supported research program that formed a leading network of academic and industrial researchers and organizations in engineering biology. EBRC builds on Synberc’s successes by broadening this network and taking on a new set of leadership challenges as the products of engineering biology make their way to society.

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