EBRC is dedicated to responding to the needs of the world by purposefully guiding the advancement of engineering biology.

The Engineering Biology Research Consortium (EBRC) is a non-profit, public-private partnership dedicated to bringing together an inclusive community committed to advancing engineering biology to address national and global needs. We showcase cutting-edge research in engineering biology, identify pressing challenges and opportunities in research and application, and articulate compelling research roadmaps and programs to address them. Our four focus areas, driven by member-led working groups, are Technical Research Roadmapping, Education, Security, and Policy & International Engagement.

**EBRC is pleased to launch an Industry Internship Program. Applications due January 14!**

EBRC innovation ecosystem

EBRC comprises an individual membership of 63 academic researchers from nearly 32 research institutions primarily in the U.S. in synthetic biology and bioengineering, as well as academic professionals in related and associated fields including bioscience policy, data science and bioinformatics, and teaching and education. Industry partners range from small start-up organizations to larger, well-established biotechnology research and manufacturing companies. Individuals from the EBRC membership community represent some of the nation’s top scientists and engineers and members’ service roles and networks span the science and engineering enterprise, from interaction with government policymakers, regulators, and funding agencies, to public and non-profit educational organizations (such as iGEM and BioBuilder), to scientific support organizations, including publishers and professional associations. These interactions tie into the EBRC mission areas and endeavors, and allows the EBRC membership to represent the diverse perspectives of the nation’s engineering biology research community.

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